WEST OF ENGLAND THEMATIC SOCIETY ABOUT WETS WETS    is    a    well    established    group    of    philatelists    who    collect    in    a   Thematic manner.    The    Group    is    affiliated    to    the    Wessex    Federation     and    the    British Thematic Association. The groups 1st Meeting was on 9th March 1985 The group mostly draws its membership from Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. WETS   has   a   very   good   news   letter   published   3   times   per   year   which   is   now available   as   a   Memory   Stick   that   contains   an   active   index   which   allows   users   to search by Title, Subject or Subject. WETS   members   have   been   quite   successful   at   National   Level   with   medals   up   to Gold awarded for competition exhibits.